Ladder Lockdown Residential System

Ladder Lockdown Residential System

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With Residential consumers in mind, Ladder Lockdown is designed to prevent ladder kick out and reduce lateral movement when used in conjunction with proper laddering techniques. Ladder Lockdown was created to keep you safer on a ladder.

  • Made of 14 gauge cold rolled steel. Welded and powder coated for supreme strength and durability
  • The Residential Ladder Lockdown saddle is intended for residential use only It fits extension ladders up to *32 ft, and A-frame ladders up to 6 ft
  • Weight 10lbs
  • Measures 26” by 8” by .5"
  • Typical use - up to 24 ft


  • Attached carrying handle 
  • Two (2) - soft ground staples
  • Two (2) - hard/frozen ground spikes
  • One (1) - accessory bag (not pictured) 

     *Not recommended for use with extension ladders ladders larger than 32ft.